Monday, November 5, 2012

Pop Goes the Weasel!

Ernie the cat came home this weekend with a small tear at the tip of one ear.

This afternoon, I found a Long Tailed Weasel out in the yard...obviously the prey of one of the cats, most likely Ernie.  After examining his extremely tiny and sharp teeth, I have to wonder if he is the cause of Ernie's injury.

The little guy is incredibly cute.  He is also incredibly tiny, small enough even, to slide beneath the low uneven areas under the chicken house and wreak havoc on the hens.  You've all heard those horror stories, right?  Weasel in the hen house...leaves nary a survivor, just copious amounts of blood.

I've never seen one around here before, but I'm thankful that Ernie is earning his keep.

**I found the beautiful weasel photo here, and there are more lovely pictures there too!

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