Friday, November 30, 2012

One More Thankfulness Post

I'm getting my last post on thankfulness in right under the wire.  In less than an hour it will be December, and then in the blink of an eye, it will be 2013, and all the things I planned to accomplish this year will still be on my "To Do" list.

It has honestly been difficult on some days to find just ONE teensy thing that I was thankful for.  That is why this is such a good exercise for me, a naturally pessimistic person.  To find some good in some little thing makes me think hard about my interactions with others each day.  Consequently, I have found that I am trying harder to listen to others, and even JP has commented that I seem to be yelling less.  That's BIG!

So...even though it would be really wise for me to continue this exercise indefinitely, I will not.  Some days I would rather do something besides blog, believe it or not, so for the sake of adding a few minutes of "free time" to my day, it will go by the wayside.  Perhaps I will re-visit my thankfulness in February, the cruelest of months.  It could possibly help me be a less bitter person in the dead cold of winter!

Tonight, the whole family drove into town to enjoy the "Open House."  This is the 3rd or 4th year that our little town has rung in the Holiday season by having the shops stay open late, had fires on the street corners to warm your hands, and carolers on the courthouse steps.  It has been fun in the past, and we usually meet up with our buddies and walk around together.  The whole experience just oozes "community."

This year it was really busy.  I mean, so busy that there is no room to even get inside the door of several of the little shops on Main Street.  It was so crowded that we couldn't walk down the sidewalks, but had to veer into the streets.  The line at the Hot Dog vendor was close to a block long, and the one at the Coffee Shop was all the way out the door.  Crazy.

I promised J that she could look for a prize at 10,000 Villages tonight, since I coerced her into getting a vaccination at her Well Child Exam on Wednesday.  She found a cute leather ring there that I gladly bought for her.  Unfortunately, by the time we arrived home, the ring was missing, and J's heart was broken.  We back tracked a little and made a couple of phone calls, but it hasn't turned up.

It hurts me to see my girls hurting, either physically or emotionally.  I want to make it better, which isn't always possible.  In the end, it soured the whole evening for me, probably for all of us.  Perhaps a similar little ring will find its way into the girls' Christmas stockings in a few weeks?

So what am I thankful for today, after our downer of a finish?  I'm thankful that JP got home while it was still light outside, and that we all sat together in our bright little Library to chat and joke and play games on the computer.  I'm thankful that I ran into my friends in town tonight, and that the girls danced down the street arm in arm with their friends.  I'm thankful that the weekend is here, and though I don't plan to sleep in tomorrow, I should be able to watch the sun rise from our little tree house while I'm on the look out for deer.  I'm thankful that we had a good day under our belts before disappointment struck, and I'm thankful every day for my beautiful girls and my loving husband.  I have a lot to be thankful for, and I plan to be mindful of that, even if I'm not writing about it every day.

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