Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday 2 U!

J had her 10th Birthday Party today, even though her birthday is not for a couple of days yet.  She invited 4 of her friends, but unfortunately one was unable to make it due to illness.  J put a lot of planning into her party, and decided that she would like to invite the Mary Kay Lady to come and do a Spa Party.

Relaxing at the Poplar Ridge Spa


Painting Nails

J wanted to have a chocolate tasting, so we picked 6 different "gourmet" chocolate bars, and the girls tried a small sample of each.  We found some interesting varieties, like the one with potato chips in it (found that one at Target.)

After that, it was cake and present time.  The cake was also specially chosen by J:  chocolate, with a peppermint cream filling and chocolate icing...YUM!

The girls played in the tree house, and put together the new Hex Bug habitat.  It was altogether a fun day, with amazingly few fights.

I'm so thankful for my J-Bird, who is inquisitive, helpful and bright.  I waited a looooong time for her to join our family!  Happy, happy birthday to my precious JEM!

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