Monday, November 5, 2012

Green, Leafy Things

Friday afternoon, after whisking the girls away to get their Flu Shots, and before enjoying the High School performance of "Really Rosie", L and I managed to harvest the remainder of the things from the garden.  We cut chives and parsley, found a few more onions and taters to dig, and picked/pulled the remaining pepper plants.

I have added leaves that blew up against the electric chicken fence to 2 of the garden beds, and ashes from the wood stove to another 2, but the rest of the beds need either leaves, manure or compost plus lime, as well as a final weeding before winter is here for good.  Poor Lazy Laura suffered a severe head injury during Superstorm Sandy, and has been retired to the trash bin.  (She did have a lovely, warm, and rather lazy Summer, with very little produce to protect from the crows...R.I.P.)

All the things we picked remained in a basket in the garage for most of the weekend.  Today, I finally brought things in and took care of them.  The peppers have been chopped and frozen for later use.  I dried the herbs by spreading them on a towel draped over the shoe rack in my clothes dryer.

We also managed to eat dinner and watch a movie ("Back to the Future") with Mom & Dad, re-enroll for Health Benefits through JP's work, attend the Christmas Craft Show at the Elementary School, and purchase flooring for the Tree House (laminate from Big Lots, on sale for a grand total of $50!)  JP also finished the wiring in the Tree House, the whole family worked together to restock the wood piles on the deck and downstairs, L lost another tooth, and I recovered this storage ottoman that Kali ate bits of during her puppy months.

Not bad for a weekend's activities, right?


Sally said...

Man, that ottoman looks FANTASTIC!! Nice work Country Girl. As always, you inspire and impress me.

Country Girl said...

L doesn't like it because "it's not as slidey anymore!" Pretty amazing though what 2 1/2 yards of fabric and 172 staples can do!