Tuesday, November 20, 2012

General Confusion

While I am trying to keep my life in order at home, it is falling apart at work.  I feel majorly stressed tonight, partially because I just finished doing 2 hours of paper work here, after doing my regular half day at the office.  This is all temporary, but it is happening at the start of the Holidays, which is stressful enough on its own!

Consequently, I am struggling tonight to find something that I am thankful for.  Just the fact that I am done at the office for another week is a pretty good thing, and the girls are done with school right after lunch tomorrow for almost as long.  Those are certainly things to be thankful for!

I'm off to the Wood Shop again...hoping to find some relief in the monotony of painting and listening to the Lord of the Rings on CD.

Here's hoping that none of you are feeling overwhelmed by the upcoming Holidays, and wishing you all peace and warm fuzzies in the arms of your families this week.

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