Thursday, November 15, 2012

Couldn't Be

I am thankful at this very moment to be sitting down.  Today was busy in the craziest of ways.  It breaks down something like this:

6:30 AM - get up, get a fire started in the woodstove, get J up
7:00 - throw a lunch together for J, catch the kitty and put her in a kennel, then hop in the shower
7:15 - get L up
7:20 - make coffee
7:40 - drive to Vet to drop off kitty
8:10 - eat breakfast at Mc D's
8:35 - go grocery shopping at the Big's almost empty at this time of day!
9:20 - buy balloons and party plates at Dollar Store
9:45 - stop at M's for tea and conversation
11:00 - exchange books at Library
11:30 - arrive home, put away groceries, check on chickens, eat lunch while working on school worksheets with L
1:30 - let dogs out, read to L and listen while she reads to me
2:00 - 3:00 work on Math and Science with L
3:00 - put dog in van and drive to pick up J off the bus
3:20 - arrive at Vet again, argue with Tech about need for heart worm test ($32), question Vet about the need to keep kitty indoors for 2 weeks, pay gianormous bill
4:00 - arrive home, get girls started on home work and chores
4:30 - weed last garden bed and mulch with leaves
5:30 - drag enormous dog kennel up from basement and arrange it in garage for kitty
6:00 - start dinner
7:30 - clean up after dinner, including where pasta boiled over on stove top (twice), get 6 pints of chicken started in the pressure canner
8:30 - read books to girls, brush their hair
9:00 - tuck girls in bed
9:15 - start making yogurt
10:00 - yogurt is yogurting, chicken is canned, dishes are done, sit down at computer to pay bills, blog instead
11:00 - finish blog and get the bills done already!

I'm also thankful, on days like today, for a van that works, getting places on time, having an hour to spend with a friend, and accomplishing a great deal.  Boy, oh boy, is my bed ever going to feel great in a few minutes!

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