Monday, November 19, 2012


Something big went down at work today that I am not at liberty to discuss.  Suffice it to say we will be short staffed for an indefinite period of time.  I am already being asked to "think about whether or not you can give us some more hours."  (Which will only happen IF my Mom is able/willing to put in more hours teaching L, and IF JP and I decide that is the best thing to do right now.)


...Just when I thought we were marching right through the Holidays without a glitch!

I spent a couple of hours after the girls went to bed tonight painting Tree House trim pieces in the Wood Shop.  Luckily I was using low VOC paint, so in the solitude I was actually able to clear my head, instead of becoming a bit high and nutso.  I can probably knock the rest of the trim out in another night.  That just leaves the floor to install, and we can call it finished.  Furnishing it will take a while longer, but I don't feel quite so rushed to make that happen.

My middle brother called this afternoon.  He just had hernia surgery on Friday, and is recovering in a recliner in Texas with a bottle of pain pills and an ice pack.  I felt a bit bad that I didn't call him first, although I did try one time (still having some cell phone issues, mine is officially dead after its washing machine ride.)  BAD big sister, BAD, BAD! I think that I was able to answer some post-op questions for him, does that make up for it a teeny bit?

I'm thankful, in any case, that I got to talk to him today, and that his surgery went well and he is recovering as anticipated.

Happy Healing Thoughts to you, my Bro!

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