Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Week in Pictures

It has been another crazy week on the Ridge. Actually, it was one of the smoothest weeks we've had lately, I just felt a bit stressed, due to starting my new job while managing the homestead on my own!

Good news: Work was great, and JP made it home safely from TX Friday night!

We started the week with mist in the valley and ice every where else.

The girls were "skating" in front of the garage while still in their jammies.

The new work clothes I ordered arrived and were in perfect shape despite the way we found the box.

Later in the week we got 6-8 inches of snow overnight. It took me about 1 1/2 hours to shovel out in front of the garage, where snow had drifted to a foot deep in places. I ended up with this pile of snow, that came up to my waist. My Dad scooped it away with the tractor in about 2 minutes.

JP was initially unable to find his truck in the long term parking at the airport as it was completely buried in snow.

Yesterday, we enjoyed being together again as a family. We also went to Outback to celebrate my birthday with a big old chunk of beef and a bloomin' onion. John made this delicious cake, studded with an entire pound of crushed Heath bars!

JP and I have been trying to decide what to do with our mattress lately, as it is no longer comfortable, but only 7 years old. We finally decided to do surgery. We removed the pillow top from the combo mattress/box springs...

and replaced it with 2 - 2 /12 inch memory foam mattress toppers from Sam's Club. Ahhhhh!

Tonight the Steelers won the AFC championship and are Super Bowl bound...wooooo!

It ended up being a pretty good week after all

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