Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Resolution: Same Old, Same Old...

Whew! December was a busy month! Just days after returning from our R & R in Florida, Christmas arrived (ready or not), along with 8 extra family members who celebrated Christmas, Birthdays and New Year's with us. Now, 8 days into 2011, I have finally finished putting away the extra bedding and towels, taken down the Christmas tree, and baked a second Birthday cake. I was hoping to slow down a bit, but January is plowing ahead, regardless of my desires.

JP and I had Pre-Employment Physicals last week, which shocked me into reality. Soon our lazy limbo period will come to a close and our late nights, sleeping in, and afternoon naps will have to become a thing of the past as our jobs begin in 2 weeks.

J is deep into school already, and we are nearly caught up from vacation. She has testing with her Cyber Teacher next week, as well as another visit with her Rheumatologist. We had a brief spark of hope regarding her arthritis last week, when the Rheum. informed us that her Lyme Titer was positive. After confirmation blood work, we discovered today that it was a false positive, leaving us with no doubt of her diagnosis of JIA.

L was very excited to go back to Preschool this week. She has been a busy girl for the past 2 weeks, celebrating a birthday and 2 Christmases within 72 hours. We have Birthday Party II this weekend so that she can have the pink poodle cake she was hoping for.

New Year's Resolutions...did you make any? I just use the start of each new year to renew my efforts of becoming more organized and improving my time management issues. Speaking of time management...staying up late to blog is counter productive. Time for bed.

Happy 2011 Everyone! I wish you all the best in achieving your own New Year's Resolutions this year.

Just a few pics of our fun Holiday activities with family:

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