Thursday, January 20, 2011

Missing My "Tweet"heart

I'm doing the single parent thing this week while JP is learning about Hyperbaric treatment down South. It hasn't been too bad, but I'm getting tired. Luckily, this week I started my job, so I have actually had interaction with adults and been away from my children for a few hours. It was much needed, let me tell you!

The thing I miss the most is the constant companionship. Since he's been home for the past 6 weeks, we've had micro-conversations all day long. Now he's in class from 7 AM to 5 PM or later, and we just get a short phone call at night when he tells the girls "goodnight" before he starts studying.

I'm not a Twitter person, but I can definitely understand the appeal it might have to some people. You can continue to have those micro-conversations all day long, even when you are at work, or even (if you must) in the bathroom.

We recently bought new cell phones which include a limited monthly texting plan. I hadn't ever texted before either, but it is a great way to get in touch with JP while he is far away. He knows we're thinking of him, and it's the next best thing to having him here.

Just a few of our notes:

Monday 8:52 AM
Conference to start soon. Have a GREAT day with Dr. P. Give my love to you and the girls. Welcome back to the adult centered work force (vs. Motherhood) :) Love, JP

Monday 10:32 AM
got it. luv u.

Monday 5:58 PM
girls r going to bed early tonite - 7:30 ur time. plz call early

Tuesday 8:28 AM
mornin babe! 32 & sunny here but ice everywhere. girls r skating in thr jammies

Tues 8:28 AM
Not much going on. Already in lectures. Way too early start. JP

Tues 11:51 AM
i love you daddy (heart)
that was from j
i love you daddy (heart) lam

Wednesday 9:14 AM
hope ur havin an ok AM.

Wednesday 10:00 AM
still waking up. JP

Wednesday 8:31 PM
i love you daddy good night (heart) j
lam i love daddy (heart)

Wednesday 10:35 PM
miss u. luv u. wish u were here. (heart)

Thursday 7:59 AM
didn't sleep well last nite. nerves?

Good morning. Class has started. JP

Thursday 12:31 PM
fun time in or! how r u?

Ok, but still in class. Glad OR went ok. JP

He's home tomorrow night, and I can hardly wait!

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