Saturday, January 22, 2011

Missed the Munchkin's Birthday (again)

During the hustle and bustle of our crazy Christmas with my even crazier family, little L turned a whopping 5 years old! The day didn't pass by completely without celebration, as it does some years. (Usually Dec. 27th is the day we are travelling home from where ever we have been celebrating Christmas.) She got more Birthday wishes than normal, and we celebrated at Sarris Ice Cream Parlor with 2 of their "Sundaes for Four", which was more than enough for all 14 of us!

A couple of days later, Grandmom made a cake to celebrate birthdays for both L and her cousin, who turned 6 on the 31st.

It wasn't until the beginning of January that we went out for her Birthday meal (our family tradition is to go out to eat at the place of the Birthday Girl or Boy's choice) and had her special cake. She chose Golden Wok (our local average Chinese buffet) for dinner, and a pink poodle cake for later.

Now the munchkin is officially a big girl!

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Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

What a fantastic poodly cake! Lovely job.