Friday, August 21, 2009

Wooden Bowing Giant

I drove a van load of happy people up to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh yesterday. We had a full day, and came home exhausted. One of the newer exhibits I enjoyed this time was a huge wooden sculpture which could be animated by using a series of pulleys and levers. Here is a short clip of J & M making it bow.

We had a big thunderstorm last night. The wind blew rain all the way under the prow and got our french doors wet (about 8 feet in)! One of my tomatoes-in-a-bucket also blew over and the first ripe-ish tomatoes of the year harvested themselves, along with a couple of green ones.

Today we are headed to Prosperity (just a few miles up the road) to get peaches at an orchard there. It is a never ending party out here, believe me!

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Kim said...

So glad you got the wooden man up there. I was trying to explain him to Martin but this is much better.