Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Tonight was the first Fall soccer practice for J. She has played County Soccer for two seasons now. We got involved to help the socialization issue when we began Cyber School, and she really enjoyed it last Fall. This Spring it really didn't click with her, she didn't play her best and complained about it a lot. This Fall she is on a really fun team with 2 of her best buds, and 2 boys that she knows well also. It was a super hot and muggy evening for practice, and she drank 2 bottles of water in an hour, but she enjoyed herself.

Little L was in her glory, showing her hand-me-down Leap Pad off to a gaggle of other 3 year old girls. (I'll have to take a camera next time to catch a glimpse of how adorable that bunch was!)

And me? Well, I'll tolerate the oppressive weather for the chance to chat with my own buds...the other Moms at practice. It makes me feel so much like I belong here in our little corner of PA to have a community of Moms that I've come to know through all the activities I've been to with my kiddos: M.O.P.s, Library Story Time, Play Groups, and Soccer. I've never experienced that sense of community before in my adult life, so yeah, call me a "Soccer Mom", I'm proud of it!

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