Monday, August 17, 2009

Emptying the Garage

If you have been following this blog at all, or know us, you'll recall that we stored about 75% of our belongings in our 3 car garage over the winter while we resided in a 600 square foot apartment in town. You also might remember that the garage became infested with mice because I shortsightedly left some pecans in a box that I packed, and then the mice moved into the house (along with their pecans). Since we moved into the house back in June (and chased the mice out), we have been trying to clean out the garage of stuff and mouse residue in order to use it for its intended purpose: to park our cars there. It has been slow going, in part because it started out like this:

...and in part because the contractor is still finishing up around here, and has stacks of stuff both in our basement storage area, and in the garage.

This weekend, due to a forecast of several clear and sunny days in a row, we decided to bite the bullet and clear EVERYTHING out of the garage. This is what that looked like.

Then we thoroughly cleaned the garage, including scrubbing it with Simple Green and water.

After it dried, we (JP) painted the floor with 2 coats of Quikrete 1-Part Epoxy Garage Floor Sealer. This was to protect the concrete from salt in the winter and oil all the time.

While that was drying, we took 2 more storage shelves downstairs, and some more things that belong down there. I also separated piles of recycling (which I took out this morning), and Thrift Store donations (which I still need to log and load into the van). Then, after a delicious dinner of Greene County trout, fresh corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, and fresh tomato slices with drizzles of Balsamic Vinegar last evening, we set about to return things to the garage. This is what it looks like now...much more like a garage.

We still need to organize things in there, and we have plywood up above the rafters to screw down as flooring for a storage area up there, but we definitely made progress! In the process, we realized again that we made an error on the plans. The single bay is meant to be a work shop for my Dad, but instead of putting the walk-through door on his side around the corner to the North, it is next to the garage door. We will have 20 feet in which to park our 2 vehicles, which measure together 13 feet wide. (If we had relocated the walk-through door, we would have 3 or 4 more feet of space.) When JP was explaining this to me yesterday, I thought he was saying that we would be unable to park both of our vehicles in the garage, which made me want to rearrange the wood shop space a bit. I now understand that it will just be a close fit, and I'll have to be extremely careful when parking the whale of a minivan! I also see need to have a shed for the mowers and other yard care equipment down the road some day! It will still be a while until the wood shop is entirely set up, meaning that we can use some of that space for storage for a little while longer.

The other step in this process before we can park in the garage is just that: a step.

We need to get some driveway work done, including some gravel in front of the concrete so that we can get the vehicles up there and we don't end up with whip lash injuries every time we try to leave (the driveway is bumpy need to add to it!)

So, thank you Mom for all of your assistance with the carrying and cleaning this weekend, it was a HUGE help! And sorry, Dad, that we weren't able to sit and chat more...we'll save that for this winter when we are all snuggled up in the home on Poplar Ridge during a snow storm!

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