Friday, June 5, 2009


Today I feel like this Poplar "tulip" flower...tired, spent, done.

Our builder told me today that he is sceptical that he can get a temporary occupancy permit by next weekend. He said that we could probably move stuff in, but not actually LIVE there. I managed not to break down until I got down the hill.

On the bright side, I finished these drapes for the girls' rooms today. They are quite bright. I was thrilled to find enough fabric for all 4 windows in the clearance rack at Joann's this week.

The chandelier in the great room is pretty bright too. It looks great up there with the fans.

The wall ovens are in and working. The builder says he baked a moth today!

The shower in the Master Bathroom is ready to start tiling.

This weekend we plan to put sealer on the cork flooring and plant tomatoes. Someday we'll live there to pick and eat them!


Kim said...

Hopefully soon you'll be less like the May flower and more like the happy June rose!

Everything is gleaming and lovely. . .should we have a ball under your Cinderella chandalier?

TKM said...

Right now I could only hope to SMELL like the rose! A ball is a lovely idea...bring your prince and come!