Friday, June 12, 2009

Plan C

Today, instead of preparing to move into our new house, we went strawberry picking with friends. I got over 20 pounds of luscious red beauties, but now I am procrastinating on the jam part of the equation.

The propane tank was to be installed today. This is (hopefully) a temporary feature so we can run our furnace, gas range and gas water heater until they drill for natural gas here. We drove up to the house after strawberry picking to check on the progress. No tank. I got a call a few minutes later from our contact person, who said they were unable to get up the driveway, is there another way up? ( helicopter.) Apparently even though cement trucks, delivery trucks, and other folks with trailers have made it up without problems, they seem to be transportationally challenged. I referred him to JP to get things figured out!

The carpet is installed downstairs and in the Master Bedroom, with the exception of the guest room downstairs, for which we are still waiting on the carpet. Here is the Family Room...

...and the stairs.

The shower in the Master Bath is finished with the exception of the door, and looks great!

The guys are painting outside today. They finished below the deck and on the porch, and now are working on the remainder of the front of the house. The color looked a bit dark yesterday, but it appears lighter where it is not under the prow roof.

We got a free 6-pack of annuals from the greenhouse for each box of strawberries we picked today. I chose marigolds since the critters don't eat them. The girls and I planted them around the edges of our pig garden.

Next up...more garden???

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