Sunday, June 14, 2009

Penguins, Paneer, Pixar...and Packing

It's been a stellar weekend.

The Penguins won the Stanley Cup on Friday night.

Saturday we took a load of stuff from the apartment and the storage unit up to the already packed garage. We cleaned the floor in the Library (again) since it is basically finished and spread out the rug for the Great Room that has been rolled up and in storage since last summer. It isn't quite like we remembered it, but I really like it none the less.

This morning, we drove down to Morgantown and took the kids to see "UP", the new Pixar movie. I especially liked the relationship between the main character, Carl, and his wife. Afterwards, it was just a hop, skip and a jump to the Cafe of India where we ordered take-out (can't eat at Indian Restaurants with the girls, they just whine and drive us crazy): Lamb Saag, Chicken Vindaloo, Paneer Masala and Nan. We'll have left-overs this week, oh goodie!

I've packed 4 boxes of books and magazines from the apartment, and we still have more to go (just the kids' ones and cookbooks). It's hard to believe that we brought that many along, but we did use most of them!

At this point, Plan D is to move stuff from the garage next weekend, then move from the apartment the middle of the following week after getting the occupancy permit. The counter tops are to arrive by Thursday this week, so we can get the water hooked up. Basically all that is left to finish up in the house besides that are the built-ins in the Great Room, where we will incorporate the 12 foot oak slab that used to be the mantel in our old house. The breezeway needs to be finished. There is a bit more siding to go up outside, and they have to finish the soffits. Oh, and the garage isn't finished, but we need to empty it out a bit first.

I couldn't find a picture of the mantel from the 5+ years we were there. This photo is from when we were looking to buy.

This evening we took another load of stuff from the apartment up to the house. The girls kept themselves occupied while JP and I washed and vacuumed out the windows and installed the screens. We left all of the windows open for awhile to try to air out the carpet and paint smells. It was lovely to hear the birds, and NOT hear traffic! We managed to get the 23 windows down low done, but skipped the 5 up near the cathedral ceiling.

On the way home, we breathed deeply of the honeysuckle. It's been a great weekend!

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