Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pig Garden

We decided today that it was high time to plant some flowers on Poplar Ridge. The girls and I dug up about 3 square feet of weeds at the edge of the woods (well out of the way of random heavy equipment), pulled out the roots and sticks, and sowed some wildflowers. J reminded me that George Washington Carver used to say "A weed is a flower growing in the wrong place."

I couldn't find my flower bed fencing in the garage, so we put some pigs around to keep the seeds company, and did a little Totoro dance, willing them to grow. Thus begins our first gardening venture on the hill!

Our builder is home sick today, he sounds awful! The drywall finishers were in and things are looking good. Here is the great room.

The tray ceilings are really looking nice in the Master Bedroom.

The well man put our gia-normous holding tank in and dug trenches to run pipes from the tank to the house

and the well to the tank. We should soon have running water, which we will need to get tested A.S.A.P.

L painted this picture today. I thought it was an appropriate sentiment for this post.

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