Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Insert naughty word here____________

I meant to blog tonight about our new kitchen appliances and how we purchased everything for the kitchen: french door refrigerator with freezer drawer and water/ice dispenser, double convection wall ovens, dishwasher with stainless steel interior, induction cook top, and gigantic stove hood with remote blower. I meant to tell how we drove with my parents to Bridgeville on Saturday and purchased everything at the Sears Outlet for HALF of what we expected to spend. I meant to post pictures of the new white appliances sitting in our crowded garage, just waiting to be put into our new, clean kitchen.

Instead, I sat in the van in the rain with the girls for over 2 hours, waiting for the delivery truck. It never showed up. The girls were remarkably good, watching Toy Story, and only whined a few times for snacks, drinks, and to go potty. I actually spent most of the time reading a very good book (This Organic Life by Joan Dye Gussow).

Ends up that Sears made a HUGE mistake...our appliances that we were expecting to be delivered today (and received 2 calls yesterday confirming such delivery) were taken from the Outlet to the warehouse today, and our delivery was rescheduled for Friday without my knowledge. So, next week I get to sit at the bottom of our driveway again with the girls to wait for the delivery truck. I'll try the appliance blog again next week!

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