Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Early Spring

Yesterday we trekked out to the hill to return the window and shingle samples that have been cluttering up our apartment all week (and stick 2 boxes of J's old school books in the garage). The driveway was a mess since it was warm all week. I wonder what it will be like in April when it's warm AND raining? Yikes.

They have installed the mechanisms for 3 pocket doors upstairs, in the Study, Pantry, and this one in the Master Bath. We really had to think through the space while looking at the blue prints to figure out where we would not want a regular door.

The tray ceilings in the Study and Master Bed Room are being refined.

They have been doing a lot of digging. There is a trench from the house all the way over to the driveway, past the well. Also, there are a couple dug in the basement. This one is in the Girls' Bathroom/Room.

After inspecting everything, we headed off in a different direction than last week for another hike. We caught this glimpse of our old property on the way.

This time we followed the 4 wheeler trail, so the going was easier. We heard the stirrings of lots of creatures, and the strange cry of an unknown bird. We attempted to walk quietly through the dried leaves, but the idea of stealth was lost on L, who decided to sing at the top of her lungs. That is, until she got cold, then she whined until the van was in sight once again.

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Martin said...

That's a great walking stick John's got!

I'm looking forward to seeing the progress (and following a four-wheeler track) in person soon ...