Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh...NOW I get it!

The roof is basically on our house, with the exception of the roof over the upstairs deck which will span the space between the "bump outs" in front.

I am finally able to "see" what the house is going to look like. It has taken me a long time because I have a spatial handicap. This is the great room, with cathedral ceilings...changing light bulbs might be a challenge in here!

Under the dropped ceiling will be our dining room and kitchen. Kitchen counters will extend up to the space for the stairs, with the pantry wall taking shape at the far right of this picture.

This is the opening in the wall of my work space. Yes, you heard right: I get my own room again! (Of course, I have to share space with such feminine things as the washer & dryer, freezer, and the coats and boots.) I will, however, have cabinets and a built in desk which looks out over the Great Room through this opening. It will have a pull-down door of some sort.

If you examine this picture closely, you can see that the ceiling in the Master Bedroom is not even. There will be a tray ceiling in this room and the study on the opposite side of the Great Room. This is a nice feature that we forgot to delete during one of our cost-cutting sessions.

Here is a view from the main entrance of the house, with the hip roof completed, and space for a small window for lighting purposes.

It is so exciting to see things looking more like a house and less like a giant white box!

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Kim said...

how totally fantastic! It's so exciting to be able to really start seeing it come together. I know about that spatial handicap--in spades, so it's good to see something that I don't have to bend my brain to try to understand.

it looks AMAZING. you must be so excited!