Sunday, February 1, 2009


This week was a stellar one if you are interested in bad weather. The public schools were closed Monday and Tuesday, and delayed on Wednesday and Friday. We had snow, freezing rain, sleet and ice descend upon our small town. Today, the sun is out and the thermometer reads 50* in the sun.

The builder and crew were not able to achieve much at the house because of all of the above. On top of our hill yesterday, the scene was sparkling with pristine ice covered snow. This is the view from the study and laundry rooms.

There was an ice skating rink in the future study.

Some of the equipment was iced in.

Icicles hung from the most improbable places. These are in the downstairs window...the one that is below grade!

We also had some sort of tiny visitor in the first floor...bunny perhaps?

Today all of Western Pennsylvania is focused on the Super Bowl, and hoping that the Steelers pull off a "6 pack" of wins. We are headed out into the sunshine. I'm praying that it lasts through next week!

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