Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Second Story

Lo and behold, as we approached the top of the hill this morning, two stories of house rose up above the frozen mud!

The temperatures actually snuck above the freezing mark for two days this week (in fact, they snuck up into the 40's). We enjoyed seeing some blue sky and sunshine, and taking great gulps of fresh, winter air for those couple of days. But I am so grateful to the men who were out working on those not so balmy and lovely days!

This is a shot of the house from the driveway. The doorway will be the main entrance to the house, bringing you in next to the dining room.

This shot gives you an idea of what the view from our Great Room will be like.

Eventually there will be a breezeway between the garage and the house...into the laundry room.

Here is the inside of the main floor. It is so exciting to see new things the past few visits!

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Kim said...

o man i love that main room. so open. it's gorgeous already.