Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post Christmas Post

Well, a lot has happened in life in the interim between posts. We have had a lot of bad weather...pouring rain, temps in the single digits, ice and iced mud...makes me all the more anxious to get this house under roof so work can continue in the weather, both good and bad!

J went up to the garage yesterday to return the Christmas ornaments and to find life preservers for the girls. I know it seems seems soon to pack up the Christmas things, but we really don't have the room to spare for a Christmas tree in our 600 sq. feet...can't get out the back door (luckily we don't need to do it often). So, we are not too sad to see them go. Even the girls helped to pack things up, and talked about our BIG Christmas tree next year! The life preservers were for our "vacation" to Pittsburgh and swimming in the Hotel pool.

J took this picture, which he speculates is of the footers for weight bearing walls. From left to right: girls rooms, stairs, "exercise room".

The driveway has a new layer of gravel on it. I was hesitant to drive up there last week because I nearly slid down the hill in the mud the week before, so now I can make more regular visits. We have a wedding to travel to in Goshen, IN for New Years, and then the Holiday craziness should be over for good.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow on Poplar Ridge

We had our first good snow fall of the season last night, about 3 inches or so. The whole family drove up the hill to see the sights and search through the garage for the Christmas decorations. It is lovely up there, and oh-so-quiet. (We are having problems sleeping in our little apartment due to being located one block north of the train tracks and right on the main street through our small town.) We were able to find most of the decorations, although one of the cardboard boxes had been infiltrated by mice back at the other house.

Here are some lovely icicles on the garage...

and the first floor walls covered with snow.

Apparently our builder came down with the same awful GI bug that plagued our family for the past 2 weeks. Another one of us fell victim to it every 3-4 days! (This follows the week they needed at the last house, Thanksgiving week, and the first week of deer hunting.) Maybe by next week some more progress will be made!