Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jam Packed...

I'm finally back from my extended moving break. The move ended up being possibly the worst EVER...rivaled the one where the moving van wrecked. It rained, sleeted or snowed EVERY day, and we kept finding random STUFF in the backs of closets that had to be taken SOMEWHERE. It ended up taking every bit of a week to get out of the house! Now we are squeezed into our 600 square feet here in town, and quite comfy, actually. I realized that I have way TOO much food, so we've been eating a lot of beans and things with tomato sauce in order to get everything to fit in the cupboards.

These are the moving men. They were AWESOME...thanks so much!

Today is the first I've been up to the building site since taking the last load to the garage around the 19th. I haven't missed anything.

The garage is finished except for windows, but they are boarded up, so we are able to store our MOUNTAINS of stuff there. (Hope nothing important freezes!)

They finally got the power lines up our can barely see them if you look closely at this picture.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good News & Bad News

The Good News:
-The garage floor is poured

-3 Allegheny power utility trucks up on the hill today with cables...lots of workers, there's a chance we might get the electricity connected finally!

The Bad News:

-Still no doors or windows on the garage and the concrete still looks a bit wet...hmmmm....we wanted to start storing things there YESTERDAY!

-Muddy, muddy, muddy up on the nice for slogging through while unloading moving vans!!!

I will not be assured of internet access for awhile, which coincides with the week off the builders will need to complete their last project.

Signing off for now...

Friday, November 7, 2008

74* in November!

It's another lovely day! I could get used to this awesome weather in November...I'm hoping it will allow the crew to get the house under roof more quickly!

The garage is now under roof, and they are hoping the pour the concrete for the floor on Monday or Tuesday. We need it to be usable by Wednesday or Thursday for storage, I hope it will be!

You can now see the roof rising up above the 1st floor of the house as you come up the drive. The door you can see will attach to the house via a small breezeway/coat room.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Garage is Growing!

After voting today, we made a trip up to the building site. The trusses are up on the garage. We are hoping it is finished by the end of the week, because we plan to start filling it up next week!

The parts of the first floor of the house that will be below grade have been wrapped with some sort of waterproof adhesive to help protect it.

Here is a shot of some of the forms used for the poured concrete wall. You can see the spacers from this angle, and also the braces (for lack of a better word) that the siding and drywall can be attached to.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

These Walls Ain't Goin Nowhere!

Pardon the vernacular, but we were pretty impressed by the poured concrete walls for the 1st floor of the house. They are SOLID! The foam forms will remain on to provide 2 1/2" of insulation inside and out. The siding and drywall can be attached right to the foam. I will try to get a picture at some point, of the anchors they will secure to.

We took a tape measure along to prove to ourselves today that the house and garage are indeed as big as we had planned (I know, I know, we really do trust our contractor, it just doesn't LOOK big enough!). Guess what? Everything is fine!

The extra block has been moved out of the garage in order to pour the floor soon. We will be needing to use it in about 2 weeks to store our stuff that won't fit in an apartment, so hopefully it will be ready!

We have a temporary power pole and transformer now, if only the Power Company would bring lines up the hill. The construction crew is having to use a generator, since it is now 5 months and counting since Allegheny Power has been paid for the job!

I'm adding this picture just because it's cute. L has been fascinated by all the "diggers", and took the opportunity to play on our neighbor's tractor that is at the building site right now.