Friday, October 10, 2008

Holes N Poles

My husband questioned last night why I had a picture of a Maple tree at the beginning of this Blog. I was actually trying to have an Autumn picture. I have now updated it with a picture of a Fall Poplar on Poplar Ridge for all you literalists out there!

We stopped by again this afternoon because the excavation is now finished. The resulting hole in the hillside is very impressive! appears like I was off on my depth estimate by several feet...looks like it's closer to 10 feet or so at the deepest end.

The power company also managed to get another 2 power poles up yesterday for a grand total of 4. The Fall colors are really looking lovely out here!

And now, unfortunately, everything stops for the weekend! But we will be there to lay our dear little Zach to rest where he can watch the squirrels and deer. We miss you, Bud!

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