Friday, September 26, 2008

Week One - No Progress

I drove over to Poplar Ridge today with the girls. Nothing is happening over well, no excavation, no new power poles. On a positive note, it looks as though things are happening faster than expected for drilling for Natural Gas with Patriot, so we may be getting our "free gas" along with the new house instead of later! Also, we have a signed contract of sale for our current house, so things ARE happening, just not at Poplar Ridge!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Water Witching

This morning, my husband met a gentleman at the property who will be drilling a well for us. This person is quite a reputable driller in our area, and he chose a location for us this morning by dowsing, first using some wires, and then (after scouring the woods) with a cherry wood branch. Having lived in Appalachia for the past 10 years, we know that the area is steeped in folklore. Although he did not choose a location WE would have picked, we will wait and see what happens when he drills!

On the flip side of the technology coin, I got a call from Japan this morning. A gentleman there saw my other website to sell the house, and wants to have his brother come check it out!! I continue to be amazed by the internet!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Step One...the setting

it doesn't look like much at this point...2005

3 years ago, while tooling around on the Internet, my husband came across a listing on for 48 acres for sale in Waynesburg, PA. My parents, who are planning to retire in 2010 and relocate from Reading, PA to Greene Co., urged us to jump at the chance, and gave us significant help in purchasing the property. They are extremely excited to build there, close to us. My Dad is going to build his dream house, a hexagonal log cabin, with his own hands.

We planned to build on the property too, at some point. This was a vague, cloudy sort of dream until last year when we asked my brother to design us a house. My brother, F, is a gifted artistic person, and conveniently, an Architect. On the downside, he lives in Austin, TX...a bit more than driving distance from our homestead! F took our sketches and ramblings, and turned them into a masterpiece. Unfortunately, the masterpiece would cost about twice what we could afford to pay, so he (very patiently) re-drew and re-worked until we ended up with the final plans that look something like this.

proposed house

In the meantime, we have done quite a bit to develop the property. We had about 3 acres cleared on the top of the hill, put in a LONG drive, developed a spring for water, put in a septic system and electricity. We have also had the opportunity to use it as the great hunting grounds for the past 2 years.

the road going in...Nov. 2006

aerial view from summer 2007 with rough boundary can see the area we cleared!

the first electric pole...9/14/08!!

Today, we signed for our construction loan, and met with our builder at the property. After a strange conversation involving which trees were staying and why, I heard the words that nearly stopped my heart: "I think we can start excavating next week!" It's hard to believe that this in-the-clouds project is really going to happen!!

this is our building site...on top of the hill!

We are trying to sell our current house ourselves. After working to create an information website for that, I feel like a pro, and wanted to document this undertaking in a blog. On top of that, I decided to homeschool my daughter for Kindergarten this year (we are doing Agora Cyber Charter School), so the upheaval in my life at the moment seems overwhelming at times. But it's's all good.

Thus begins the House on Poplar Ridge.