Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Scream

This is what my pear trees look like today.

I wore the socks that express how I feel about it the best.

Monday, April 16, 2018

April Showers

I finally got one bed of peas planted this weekend!  I also planted out a couple of new plants in the flower bed, and finished deadheading in there.

It was lovely this weekend - sunny with blue skies and temps in the 70's. 

I managed to take a few pictures of my blooming trees before the sun turned to rain, and dropped more than 2 inches overnight.  The girls came home from school early today due to flooding in the district.

Right now the rain has turned back to snow, and they are forecasting 1-2 inches by morning.


Monday, April 9, 2018

File This Under "Unbelievable"

We made our final payment on the Subaru this month, and received the title in the mail on Saturday.  Wouldn't you know it - Saturday evening, JP went out to return our Redbox DVDs and was hit by another driver.  Luckily it happened at very low speed and no one was hurt, but it did do significant damage to the front end of our newly fully owned vehicle!  We are waiting to be sure that the other driver's insurance company will accept liability, as he was completely at fault, but it appears that the car will be in the shop for some time in the near future!

I decided to make some more French food this weekend, and settled on Julia Child's recipe for Supremes de volatile aux champignons (chicken breast braised in butter with mushrooms and cream sauce) with fresh asparagus and hollandaise sauce.

It was delicious...but can you believe it used 3 sticks of butter?

We woke to another 1.5 inches of snow on Saturday, and it is snowing at this moment.  Enough is enough...time for Spring!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter, Spring Break & April Fool

It's been a while since I've posted.  Sorry.  There has been a lot going on.

The weather has been crazy (note the snow on the 2nd day of Spring.)

We decided that we needed to head South for Spring Break, so at 5:30 last Thursday morning, we got on the road to drive down to NC.  We arrived at the home of JP's sister about 8 1/2 hours later.  Conveniently, JP's nephew & wife live down the street, and another of JP's sisters arrived the following day with her hubby.  We had a fun time enjoying the sunshine and blooming flowers.  I had to start my allergy medicine!

The girls had a blast sight seeing and playing silly games with their cousins.

We had to come home on Sunday, but we were unpacked and ready to watch "Jesus Christ Superstar, Live" on TV by that evening.

We woke to 2 inches of snow outside.

The weather has remained weird.  Yesterday it rained so hard that the schools let out early due to flooding.  Last night the wind blew so hard that the cover blew off our cistern.  Today it has been blowing snow again.

Sheesh!  It's April, I mean, C'mon!

Despite the weird weather, JP and my dad took a road trip to Columbus today.  JP found this grandfather clock listed on line for half price.  We have talked about getting one since we got married, so it is a culmination of many Anniversary gifts that we never got each other:  1st year (clocks), 17th year (furniture), 21st year (brass), 24th year (musical instruments), and coming up this summer - 27th year (sculptures.)

I love it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Second Day of Spring

No school today due to snow!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How to Make Enough Potato Salad to Feed the Entire Cast & Crew...

It is Tech Week for the cast and crew of the Spring Musical - meaning the kids are staying late every night to run through the entire play with lights, sounds, costumes and make up.  The parents are bringing in food for everyone.  Last night was soup night.  Tonight was sloppy joes.  I was tagged to bring in potato salad - enough for 50 people, but I never made that much before!

So, here's what you do:  Peel and chop 10 lbs of potatoes and hard boil a dozen eggs.  Chop 2 onions and one bunch of celery.  Mix it all together with 1 1/2 jars of mayo, and a bunch of other stuff.

To make a huge mess on the way home from rehearsal, stick the warped Tupperware bowl with its ill fitting lid containing the remaining potato salad in the back of the car.  When you arrive home, you will find the back of the car nicely smeared with potato salad.

Thank goodness for uber washable Subarus!

The show starts Thursday night...hooray!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Still Not Spring

It is snowing again today.  Nothing is accumulating, but it is still disappointing after experiencing a couple of weeks of mild, Spring-like weather.

I started seeds for my garden a bit later than usual, but already some of them are coming up!  That at least is encouraging!

In the meantime, I spent some more time working in the wood shop with my dad.  I can't say that everything is going smoothly, although it is going well.  I have had to re-do several pieces, some of them a couple of times.  I will consider it a success if I end up with a box that open, closes, and plays music, AND still have all of my fingers.

This is the outside of the music box, made of walnut,
with bottom trim of oak

This bottom-less box is made of oak, and it will slide
 inside the decorative box.  The groove will hold
 a piece of protective glass, so that the works of the
music box can be observed.
This is the lid - also walnut with oak trim.

This weekend is L's last Basketball game - yet another sign that Winter is almost over.

I must close for now and go collect sap from the Maple trees.  It is Maple Sugaring time, and my dad has already given us about 6 bottles of Poplar Ridge Maple Syrup - delicious!